Fundraising Event

24th February to 2nd March 2024

In just a few weeks, your radio station 4CRB kicks off its annual Fundraising Event (Radiothon)

This year 4CRB proudly celebrates 40 years of community broadcasting. When 4CRB was founded in 1984 a commitment was made to provide an alternative radio broadcast specifically for the 50 plus community of the Gold Coast. In that 40 years whilst there has been monumental changes in technologies, the comfort and connection 4CRB provides to the listener has remained constant. 

As a not-for-profit community radio station, 4CRB relies predominately on gracious listener donations, to cover the organisation’s day-to-day running costs. This ensures it remains on air, providing comfort and connection to so many when they need it the most. Maintaining a radio station every year for 40 years is full of challenges but here at 4CRB we love serving our community. The best part! Hearing your stories on how 4CRB connects with you and the community and the difference it makes in your world.

Here is a small sample of the impact 4CRB has on its listeners.

“I have some sad news to pass on to you. My sister passed away last week. I know she would have liked me to let you know as she saw you as part of her family. Life was not always kind to her and this last year was the happiest I have ever seen her due to the friendship, connection and trust she found in the wonderful people at 4CRB. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the difference you made in her life and for the lovely music she enjoyed so much, the programs, comradery and a sense of belonging which meant so much to her.”

 “Thank you for all your friendship and patience. I feel so very blessed the moment I tune in. May the future of 4CRB flourish and prove success beyond and above any of our imagination – let’s beat the odds in a time such as this.”

“My appreciation for all you do there to brighten up the day and night for lots of people. Your airwaves are a miracle.”

These stories demonstrate that 4CRB’s work is more than radio broadcasting, it is a powerful medium and the community glue that connects and enhances the social and emotional wellbeing of its diverse listeners.

Over the years, your valuable contribution to our organisation has been a blessing. It has helped us to get through many difficult times and assisted people in need. Like many community organisations, we at 4CRB are feeling the impact of the current tough financial times, as we know many in the community are too. But community radio – your radio – is more important now than ever. We hope you the listener can show your support this year during the fundraising appeal with a financial donation of your best gift to support your radio station 4CRB and help keep the station going for another year. We have constantly been trying to contribute to society as much as we can. However, we cannot achieve our goals without your support.

4CRB is a listener funded community radio station which means your financial support determines its future. You are now invited to give your best gift to help the cause as it impacts many people’s lives.

Thank you for your on-going financial support. Your generosity ensures a strong future for 4CRB and continued success.

Always was, always will be…… your station.

May God Bless You,

Yours Sincerely,

Colin and the 4CRB Team.

Premium Sponsors

4CRB extends its heartfelt gratitude to our premium sponsors who are generously supporting your station’s Fundraising Event of 2024.

We recognise the invaluable contributions of these businesses; their generous support enables us to continue delivering quality programming and engaging content to you, our listeners. 4CRB strongly encourages you to support these businesses that support your radio station, as your not only contributing to the growth and sustainability of your station but also the community at large.

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities
RFS Advice
Retirement Planning Partners
Adam Hall Buy My Car
Attwood Marshall Lawyers

Phone Numbers:

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities: (07) 5551 6720

RFS Advice: (07) 5575 7689

Retirement Planning Partners: (07) 5593 0005

Adam Hall Buy My Car: 0404 290 617

Attwood Marshall Lawyers: 1800 621 071